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Police are investigating chemically laced cat food in Calgary Park

Calgary Police are currently investigating a number of incidents involving chemically laced cat food being left in one of the city’s parks.

ONAn unidentified man allegedly lays cat food in and around the trees in Confederation Park, near the 1000 block of 24 Avenue NW.

According to police, three separate incidents of this type were reported in March. The fact that this park is frequented by families with young children and pets makes it “even more worrying,” say Calgary police.

Investigators were able to confirm that the food they found contained chemicals not normally found in cat food products.

Working with the Calgary Fire Department’s HAZMAT team, researchers identified both sulfuric acid and phenyltoloxamine citrate in cat food.

These substances could cause unnecessary pain and possibly death to an animal if they ingest enough of them.

Anyone with information about the chemically laced cat food incidents is encouraged to contact the Calgary Police Department at 403-266-1234 or Crime Stoppers.

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