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r-evolution platform launched in Calgary

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A Calgary company plans to take over where it is said that BlackBerry dropped the ball.

On Wednesday coReplatform Canada Corp. officially launched its R-Evolution app, which is called an advanced communication platform and is specially designed for business users.

Steve van Zutphen, founder and CEO of the company, said the single platform spans seven applications as it combines all office communications, including email, instant messaging, contacts and document sharing, into one central, secure hub.

“This platform is provided in a private cloud or on-premise because the customer base we are targeting are medium and large companies and they want to be in control of all this data,” said van Zutphen.

“We initially focused on Calgary. And when you have a very big deal, it’s better to start in a small destination area … Calgary is our hometown. It is our chosen place to do this. Once you have a critical mass in the city, deploy different models to bring it to all cities. Calgary is the first major milestone for success. “

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The company said the app had been in development for more than 10 years. It has applications on mobile devices, desktops, Outlook plug-ins and enReka, an analysis console.

The company is primarily owned by Zutphen with more than 20 shareholders. The r-evolution part of the company was founded 16 months ago. The backend of the system is a separate company that was founded more than 10 years ago.

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Seven people are on the business team and ten people are on the development side of the company.

“We’re picking up where BlackBerry left off and dropping the ball,” said Zutphen. “We are bringing the excellent experience with post and communication to the next level. BlackBerry was the best in the world until it lost its focus on consumer technology and was crushed by Apple.

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“We concentrate on the user of a company, but without being tied to a specific hardware platform. We can deploy in the same model that was deployed and really embrace the needs BlackBerry has met in the marketplace. And we have the intent and depth of technology to actually be the successor to BlackBerry, but headquartered here in Western Canada, of course. We try really hard to let people know that we are seriously trying to play in this room. “



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