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Rare winter thunder snow phenomenon hits Calgary (VIDEOS)

After being exposed to mild weather all day, the Calgarians were surprised by the sudden onset of rain and hail just after 9 p.m. on Monday.

Aaaaaaa and it’s just a clap in #yyc. 2021 has a moment when I have to hold my beer compared to 2020. #abstorm #calgary #yycnow pic.twitter.com/fPAS2JAQ3z

– Andrew Cunningham (@idledmuse) February 23, 2021

The hail was followed by thunder and lightning and soon turned to snow. This phenomenon, often referred to as “thunder snow”, quickly spread to southern Alberta. However, Calgary can still get 1 to 3 cm of snow today.

This will be an interesting drive home pic.twitter.com/3Tu3JaiamO

– Kyle Brittain (@KyleTWN) February 23, 2021

#abstorm short pea to dime size sleet at Glenmore Landing, some of the biggest sleet I’ve ever seen! pic.twitter.com/9U6X3R9VjE

– Ben C (@ Zombery360) February 23, 2021

“A unique atmospheric setup created just the right conditions for lightning to strike southern Alberta on Monday evening,” says The Weather Network. also accompanied by thunder and lightning. “

Well then – West Central #yyc 9:15 pm #abstorm pic.twitter.com/Ar8enmUonq

– George K. (@Kolowrocki) February 23, 2021

Just caught a flash of snow #abstorm pic.twitter.com/eDI0wGyn3p

– Krys Stewart (@KrysonCJAY) February 23, 2021

The thunderstorm didn’t last long, but the heavy and rapidly accumulating snow created some near-white conditions in the Calgary area that made travel a little treacherous before continuing via southern Saskatchewan early Tuesday morning.

Thunder blizzard!

Thunder and lightning, rain, hail and snow. # Abstorm #yyc #Calgary #thundersnow pic.twitter.com/Aew3QbRBXv

– Stacey @ 🔥 (@RedZTheBest) February 23, 2021

Calgary is currently -3 ° C and we could see a high of 0 ° C today.

Temperatures will hover around 0 ° C for most of the week, although Friday and Saturday will bring some snow to town, with a forecast of up to 2 inches for Friday.

The weather network

Expect a high of -9 ° C on Saturday (which, if you think about it, really isn’t that cold for February) before warming up again next week.

If this trend continues, we might be lucky with the early spring weather in March.

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