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Share your photos and videos of what Spring is like in Calgary

Ahhh, the splendor of spring. The grass turns green, trees bloom sweetly and flowers appear in the garden floor – all to the happy melody of songbirds.

It’s time to enjoy this annual nature reawakening in our backyards, outside our windows, and on walks around our neighborhoods.

Show your spring to CBC!

While you are away, we want you to take photos and videos of the signs of spring in your neighborhood.

It’s all part of CBCs Hello Spring, a Canada-wide digital initiative inviting Canadians to share their own unique springtime glimpses on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #HelloSpringCBC or by visiting cbc.ca/hellospring.

In return, CBC gathers and highlights the best of these images and videos on the Hello Spring website, and puts your front yards, backyards, and window sills in a colorful collection of springtime scenes.

Say hello to spring wherever you are in Canada!

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