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Shelters and nets protect Calgary car dealerships from hail damage: “A Great Lifesaver” – Calgary

When it comes to a battle between cars and hail, vehicles that have been left out in the elements stand no chance.

Thousands of vehicles fell victim to the storm when hail the size of a tennis ball fell in parts of Calgary on Saturday.


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Traders were no exception. Hail pelted hundreds of cars on various lots in the Country Hills Auto Mall, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Country Hills Toyota estimates that cars on its property suffered approximately $ 2 million in damage, with most of the affected vehicles requiring repairs of between $ 8,000 and $ 10,000.


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The magnitude of Saturday’s storm was much larger than most that hit the city, but hailstorms are not unexpected in Calgary.

To protect their vehicles from hail damage, several dealers have spent a lot of money on massive tents or nets to protect their cars.

Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Mercedes dealerships in Country Hills have either nets or tents to protect several of their vehicles. Everyone says the storm protection made a huge difference on Saturday.


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Toyota spent more than $ 2 million building massive tents in 2017 to protect several of its vehicles. It had about 300 cars under its tents when the storm rolled through.

Brian Schmidt, general manager of Country Hills Toyota, said that while the tents were an expensive investment, this storm alone paid off.

“That’s why we set them up,” said Schmidt. “Without this… it’s a pretty big catastrophe.

“It would have been an astronomical disaster if we hadn’t had this coverage. You are a great lifesaver. “

Nissan has installed a hail protection net over its cars. It also protected much of the fleet from hail damage. The network was installed during the construction of the car dealership in 2018.

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The neighboring Hyundai dealership, which has the same owners, was built in 2013 with no hail net and had no protection for its vehicles when the storm broke on Saturday.

“We have had significant damage on the Hyundai side and the hail nets have done a really fantastic job on the Nissan side,” said General Manager Jordon Romeril.

“This will likely push it over the edge,” said Romeril. “By this time next year we will certainly have networks in this business – if not all locations in the city.”

While traders are still gauging how much damage the storm did on Saturday, they are also busy with an overwhelming number of customers. Many of them are either looking for a new or used vehicle because their vehicle has been written off due to hail damage, or they want to profit from the sale of hail damaged cars.

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