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Sign of the Times: North Calgary Community Boosts Entrance Area Image With Grant

One of three signs the Northern Hill Community Association wants to work on at the intersection of Country Hills Blvd and Coventry Hills Blvd NE. Photo: KIRSTEN PHILLIPS / FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY

The original Coventry Hills signs still stand in northeastern Calgary, but changes are imminent.

The community was first established in 1991.

The Northern Hills Community Association (NHCA) has taken a beautification initiative to upgrade one of the entrances to their five neighborhoods – by updating three signs.

Coventry Hills residents raised concerns about outdated and worn entrance signs to the neighborhood, prompting the community association to take action.

“One of the signs we’re investigating right now is, ‘Show houses this way.’ [but] There are no show homes in Coventry Hills … they haven’t been updated since the first developers [the signs] in, ”said Yana Militärko, Executive Director of NHCA.

Previously, the association had done what it could to support the residents and take time to clean the entrances and plant flowers in the area.

“Now we want to do more,” said soldiers.

The scholarship program

On March 3rd, the City of Calgary launched the Inspiring Neighborhoods Grant (ING), which emerged from the This is my Neighborhood Program (TIMN).

ING will use $ 142,000 of TIMN program funds for the new grant.

The ING is designed to help Calgary communities create safe, inclusive spaces and programs to meet residents’ needs, build a sense of togetherness, and develop the resilience of community organizations that are committed to sustainability.

To date, 16 of the 20 community associations that have applied for funding have received $ 112,000 in grants.

NHCA is one of the groups that applied for the Inspiring Neighborhoods Grant (ING) to replace three signs. However, they are still looking for other ways to fund the initiative, Soldiersko said.

The hope is that residents will feel a greater sense of pride in their community.

Next Steps

The NHCA has been made aware of a variety of different beautification projects within the community. They achieved this by working with the residents of their communities.

The association has also received updated entry sign requests from their other neighborhoods.

“We’re going to look at how we can do it. Not just in Coventry Hills, but in the Northern Hills, ”said Soldiersko.

“It’s going to be an interesting journey, whatever we can think of, because it all depends on funding.”

They are currently conducting an online resident survey. They hope to learn if the updates to the signs will change the residents’ feel, perception, comfort, and sense of belonging to the community.

“We already have 230 answers, and so do we [still] one more week, ”she said.

“So hopefully we’ll get more and hopefully the commitment will increase. It’s great that we touched on something that people care about. “

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