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Snow, freezing temperatures on the way to Calgary this weekend

A bit of snow goes to Calgary this weekend.

The Weather Network’s weekend forecast shows the Canadian city is returning to its true shape in terms of snowy skies and falling temperatures.

Compared to the mild days we saw a week ago, the next few days will feel like winter has returned with a vengeance (although technically it’s still autumn until December 21st).

Friday starts with a cloudy high of -6 ° C that feels more like -12 ° C. No snow is expected yet, but you should definitely pull the parka out of the closet.

Saturday actually manages to warm things up a bit with sunny skies and a high of -2 ° C that feels like -6 ° C, although about 1 cm of snow is expected to fall that night.

Sunday is the real weekend freezer, with a high of -8 ° C which feels like -13 ° C and brings in another 1 cm when all is said and done.

It’s not quite the painful cold that Calgary sees a lot all winter, but we very much doubt we’ll have double-digit (on the positive side of zero) weather again anytime soon.

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