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Talk about luck: a Calgary woman wins the lottery twice in two months

Some people are only born happy, and Calgary lottery winner Kerrie Crouch seems to be one of them.

Crouch won $ 100,000 in the EXTRA raffle – twice. According to Western Canada Lottery Corporation, the Calgarian won their first prize of $ 100,000 when they added the EXTRA to their WESTERN MAX ticket for the December 18 drawing.

She decided to include the $ 1 add-on in her WESTERN 649 ticket for the February 3rd raffle too, and won another $ 100,000. No one was more surprised by the second win than Crouch himself, who won the additional award in early April.

“I was completely shocked,” she said. “It’s very exciting!”

Within two months, Crouch was buying her tickets from stores in the same mall. The Calgary local picked up her first winning ticket at the Rexall Drug Store in the city’s TransCanada Center. Your newer ticket was bought at Save-On-Foods in the same building.

After her first win, Crouch had planned to do some renovation, pay some bills, and share the money with her family. After receiving her second award, Crouch plans to do more of the same.

“I’m going to finish the renovations on our kitchen and bathroom,” she said. “When that’s done, I’ll start in the basement.”

While it is rare for lottery winners to bring home two grand prizes, according to WCLC, it is not entirely unknown.

An Edmonton couple won a $ 8.1 million LOTTO 6/49 jackpot in 2017, seven years after their $ 100,000 EXTRA prize. In 2013, an Oyen winner won $ 1 million with WESTERN 649 just before the one year anniversary of his $ 100,000 EXTRA prize win.

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