Top IT Companies In Calgary

A Comprehensive List of the Top IT Companies in Calgary (2020)

Are you looking for an IT company to help you with your next huge project? You’re in luck because Calgary is home to some of the best IT companies in Canada. Outsourcing IT support and related services to such firms can super-charge your productivity while reducing your operational costs.

What’s more, you get a world of experience and talent at a fraction of the cost. The firms on this list can bring the well of experience and the procedures used on past projects. This eliminates any guesswork, reducing the risk, thereby enhancing your company’s security and compliance.

Calgary is bursting at the seams with world-class IT companies. Even with hours of research, you’d still have a hard time settling on which company is the best.

So, in no particular order, here are the top IT companies in Calgary for 2020.

CTECH Consulting Group –

Let’s kick off the list with Calgary’s one of the best in the industry. The CTECH consulting group is an award-winning IT support firm with wide market coverage in Southern Alberta. Look no further for the best in proactive security, cloud computing, and personalized network solutions that are so excellent you’ll have lower downtime and optimal productivity.

Pure IT –

Pure IT make an ideal firm to outsource all your IT services or complement your IT department. They have a highly qualified and motivated staff and ten years of experience in the business. Such a depth of knowledge can help your company increase its productivity, eliminating risk and reducing overhead costs.

403Tech –

403 Tech understands that not every company can afford to run an effective cost. That’s why the firm has continued to provide IT support services to hundreds of small and mid-sized companies. This has helped their clients scale up their operations with cloud computing, tech support and related services.


SysGen provides IT services and consultations to companies in Calgary and all over Western Canada. They have been there since the early days of the internet, so they understand the needs of small and mid-sized companies.

Their teams of highly experienced work diligently to clients never experience downtime on their network and can leverage the best in class technology of optimal productivity.


Since 2002, Niroca Systems Incorporated has had one simple goal. That’s to provide the same premium IT support services to small companies as huge multinational corporations. Their approach is customer-centred, which has helped many businesses in Calgary get the best services and tech at the right price.

Convverge, Inc.

Convverge Inc’s IT support services are geared towards nurturing synergy in their client’s company. The passion that drives this firm is giving motivated workers the tools they need to excel in their service to the public.

In this sense, they take away the stress of keeping up with technology to allow their clients to focus on their productivity and profitability.’s main aim is to eliminate needless conversations over tech with actionable strategies and comprehensive IT support services. They provide cybersecurity, data backup, cloud migration and a host of other solutions.


LaunchCode is specialized in providing cutting edge hardware and software solutions. They take great pride in simplifying the lives of their clients. LaunchCode’s solutions range from Automation solution, analytics and software development, so they aren’t limited to a specific industry.

The ITeam

The ITeam has continually provided IT support for the past 26 years with no signs of ever slowing down. So, they don’t just provide services but create a sustainable relationship with their long list of clients.

Their prompt service delivery is impeccable, and they are always on call 24/7 to respond to any client concerns. They serve companies from industries as diverse as Dental clinics to oil and gas firms, and many more.

Deltaform Technology Ltd.

Deltaform technologies were founded on three core pillars that have helped their clients thrive. These pillars are Flexibility, security, and stability. Their solutions help defend against threats, attain productivity through cloud mobility, and adapting to changes in tech.

They attain outstanding results by taking advantage of the best tech and tailoring it to your system architecture’s specific needs.


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