Mastering Multitasking: A Sit-Down with Curtis Hyde on Unleashing the Power of the Windows + ALT Shortcut


An in-depth exploration of how a simple keyboard shortcut can revolutionize your Windows experience.

In the fast-paced world of technology, the ability to multitask efficiently is invaluable. That’s why you need to keep your finger on the pulse of emerging tips and tricks that could be the key to optimizing your computer skills. In this week’s tech tip, we had the opportunity to sit down with Curtis Hyde, a seasoned tech expert from Colorado Computer Support, to talk about an often overlooked yet potent tool – the Windows + ALT keyboard shortcut.

The Shortcut You Didn’t Know You Needed

We all know shortcuts can make our lives easier, but what if you had a tool that could transform your Windows experience altogether? Hyde walks us through the surprisingly versatile Windows + ALT shortcut, revealing how this under-utilized combination of keys can streamline interactions with your Windows machine and supercharge your productivity.

The Magic Behind the Keys: Windows + ALT

Imagine juggling several tasks on your computer; drafting a report, referencing articles, and enjoying a podcast. It sounds overwhelming, right? Hyde suggests a solution to ease your digital distress – the Windows + ALT shortcut.

Here are some tips he shared during our interview on the power of the Windows + ALT shortcut:

1. Windows + ALT + Number: This shortcut provides quick access to your pinned taskbar applications. If you pin Microsoft Word as the third application on your taskbar, pressing Windows + ALT + 3 open a jump list, displaying your recently accessed documents or frequently visited places.

2. Windows + ALT + PrtScn: Need to take a screenshot of your active window? Use this combination to capture and automatically save it to your Videos > Captures folder in the This PC directory.

3. Windows + ALT + Enter: This shortcut makes an application go fullscreen. It opens your active application in fullscreen mode, minimizing distractions and helping you focus.

4. Windows + ALT + D: Want to quickly access the date and time? This key combination toggles the visibility of your desktop’s date and time on the taskbar.

The Transformative Power of the Right Shortcut

Your journey to mastering technology is not about knowing everything; it’s about learning the right things. Hyde strongly believes in the transformative power of the Windows + ALT shortcut and its potential to revolutionize your Windows experience. It’s a testament to how a nuanced understanding and effective utilization of tech tools can elevate your digital life.

Take your Windows experience to the next level by incorporating this simple yet powerful shortcut into your daily routine. It’s a tip that Curtis Hyde of Colorado Computer Support stands by, and now, after this in-depth exploration, you understand why.