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The Calgary Business Network offers Calgarians the best opportunity to shop locally

A table of products from Be Local YYC network companies (photo by @belocalyyc on Instagram)

Be Local YYC encourages Calgarians to spend their money locally during this holiday season.

And they provide a primary incentive for buyers.

To encourage Calgarians to buy from local and operated stores, the corporate network of 200 is giving a $ 79 gift card to anyone who cancels their Amazon Prime membership.

That’s the price for an annual Amazon Prime membership.

“We really want to remind the Calgarians that while they may be shopping more online this Christmas, they can continue to support local customers,” said Meredith Perich, social business coordinator at Momentum, the organization behind the Be Local YYC network .

35 of Be Local YYC’s vendors are participating in their Be Local Prime Days event, which began on November 16 and will last until Christmas Eve.

They offer delivery every Wednesday, or alternatively you can pick up your online order on Wednesday.

The value of the community

While Amazon may have everything imaginable, one local entrepreneur stated that Calgarians and Calgary need the money more than Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

“It keeps food on the table and helps us keep our home,” said Chris Meginbir, founder of Devil’s Head Coffee.

“Also, we local community entrepreneurs and members can do something we care about and offer these products to our community members.”

Perich emphasized the value of the on-site spending.

“The impact of your money on Amazon is obviously far less to Jeff Bezos than the difference that matters to local businesses and then to the community,” she said.

“The dollars that go into local businesses go much further than the dollars that would go to Amazon.”

Throughout the year, Meginbir said he was having more difficulties than managing the pandemic.

“Our store front was robbed, my cargo trailer was broken into, and we were charged with digital fraud,” Meginbir said.

“So it was just an amazing year.”

But after these difficulties, the community gathered behind Devil’s Head Coffee. Meginbir said it helped them recover.

Invest in the local economy

The support Meginbir and Devil’s Head Coffee received from the community helped him understand the importance of spending money locally.

“It keeps the dollars here to pay our daycare bills, pay our taxes, and the like,” he said.

“That way (when buying local products) we can’t resort to welfare programs so that other people in need can have access … that provides further family access.”

You can learn more about Be Local YYC and Buy Local Prime Days on their website.

The City of Calgary is also running a local business campaign in support.

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