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The Calgary Community celebrates Thanksgiving with a socially detached long dinner table

CALGARY – It’s a dilemma that many face this long weekend – how do you have a big Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends while considering COVID-19 prevention measures?

A community in Calgary’s deep south thinks they have found a solution: a Thanksgiving turkey brunch with a long table.

“Someone takes the table out and starts eating outside, and the nearest neighbor comes in and so on,” said Alexandra Velosa, president of the Legacy Community Association.

When social distancing measures are in place, the neighbors cannot all be seated at the same table, so the community association will set up tables along a path in Legacy.

“There are six people (allowed) at one table, and their tables are set 12 feet apart.”

One hundred people will attend the event.

Bonfires were set up along the way to keep those attending the turkey brunch fundraiser warm.

Tickets for the event have already been sold and the proceeds will go to the association to fund future community initiatives.

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