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The Calgary company was fined after an investigation into PSA’s price increase

CALGARY – A Calgary company was fined $ 1,500 and a $ 100 victim surcharge after investigating exorbitant prices for face masks and other protective items at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The investigation that determined the presence of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was sold by CCA Logistics LTD. at prices well above the norm, was spurred on March 26 by a public complaint about the price of $ 89 on a box of face masks.

According to the Service Alberta’s Consumer Research Division, inflated items included:

  • 3M masks for $ 120 (400 percent surcharge)

  • Hand sanitizer for $ 39 (200 percent surcharge)

  • A two-pack of vitamin C for $ 30 (100 percent surcharge)

  • $ 10 hand soap (300 percent surcharge)

The Crown confirms that the company on the 3400 block of 12th Street NE has been directed to stop selling the items on April 15th. However, during a follow-up visit, the PSA stayed on the store’s shelves.

CCA has been charged and pleaded guilty of violating a director’s order.

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