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The Calgary doctor was suspended for 12 months after allowing the relationship with the patient

CALGARY – After a Calgary doctor admitted to having a sexual relationship with a patient, his license was suspended for 12 months by the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Alberta (CPSA).

Dr. Moises Lasaleta, a general practitioner, admitted before a tribunal that in 2016 he had a personal relationship with a patient he had been caring for since 2013.

“He did so without breaking the doctor-patient relationship, as dictated by CPSA standards of practice, and failed to maintain reasonable boundaries, which are important given the inherent power imbalance between doctors and their patients,” the CPSA said in one statement released on Tuesday.

Lasaleta is currently not working as a doctor as his registration and practice license was canceled in 2018 because he did not renew his practice license. Should he be given a license to practice medicine in the future, it will be suspended for one year. However, the CPSA says the suspension is considered served due to the time it was not practiced.

Before he can be given a permit, Lasaleta must conduct an assessment at its own expense to determine whether he can return to the practice.

Lasaleta is also responsible for all investigation and hearing costs totaling $ 12,731.70, as well as future costs of monitoring any practice conditions.

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