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The Calgary employee talks about verbal arguments after refusing to serve the person in the Halloween mask – Calgary

Editor’s Note: The story has been updated to include comments from the family of the man in the video who has a behavioral condition. An earlier version of the story contained video of the incident, which was removed at the family’s request.

A Calgary registrar comes in after being the target of a verbal attack following a confrontation with a man wearing a Halloween mask.

“W.When you see us at the door, it is my own safety that I am concerned about because I felt like he was being very aggressive towards me, ”said Zohar Oonwala, A-Plus Registry representative.

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On Wednesday afternoon, Oonwala said he was working when he was alerted that a customer wearing a Michael Myers Halloween mask was trying to be served.

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“That particular person was wearing a mask that did not identify himself,” Oonwala said. “And our business is to identify people before we serve them.”

In a video posted on YouTube, the customer tries to explain why he can use the Halloween mask to pay for a ticket.

Oonwala stands in the door of the register and tries to prevent the man from entering.

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“It’s my right, it’s my freedom of speech,” explains the unknown man in the video. “I’ve spoken to the police about this mask several times.”

Calgary’s Face Covering Statute went into effect August 1 to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

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“A company can set rules that go beyond the requirements of the statute,” said Kaila Lagran of Calgary City Media Relations. “[That includes] Do not allow anyone to enter their premises without covering their face.

“While it’s not an expectation in the Articles of Association for a company to refuse service, they are allowed to.”

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The more than three-minute video then shows the customer taking off the Halloween mask and then yelling at Oonwala as he tries to enter the building.

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The masked man’s family in the video confirmed to Global News that he has a behavioral disorder.

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The video ends with the man berating and yelling at Oonwala and telling him to “call the police”.

Oonwala ended up saying he didn’t call 911 and when he is seen in the video walking out the door he actually tries to get the man a proper mask.

“W.What I did was get him a mask, a COVID 19 Mask so that I can serve him, ”he said.

City officials say if employees or patrons are harassed or threatened by anyone who is asked to wear face covering they should call 911. All other matters are handled by 311.

“We recognize the unique challenges companies face when trying to strike a balance to keep customers happy and safe,” said Lagran.

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Since the video was first posted, Oonwala has said he has been contacted by multiple registrars from across Calgary.

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“They are very supportive, they called me and emailed me that they see this all the time. They are glad I took a position.”

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