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The Calgary neighborhood wonders why more than a dozen cars have been towed off the road – Calgary

Some residents of a neighborhood in Calgary want answers to why more than a dozen vehicles were towed overnight without warning.

Alysha Armanious Bulmer had two vehicles removed from a nearby road in the northeastern parish of Cornerstone and she is not happy about it.

“At first we thought it was a robbery,” said Armanious Bulmer. “We thought everyone’s car was stolen.”

The residents soon found that the vehicles had not been stolen, but rather towed away.

“The first thing we did was call the police and the confiscated property to find out why we were being towed and where our car ended up.”

Calgary Street, where more than a dozen vehicles were towed.

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Armanious Bulmer eventually tracked down their vehicles, but she said it was harder to track down answers.

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“They had no explanation for us when we got to the confiscated property,” she said. “It’s just totally unacceptable. I would be very interested to hear from their business practices about where a company can take vehicles off the street that are parked legally without warning. “


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Global News reached out to the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) with these questions. In a statement, the CPA’s manager of parking security and compliance explained what led to the vehicles being towed.

“The tow decision was made after numerous complaints from residents and to ensure that parked vehicles did not obstruct the flow of traffic,” said Guy Gusdal.

“Vehicles were towed under Section 77 (1) (b) of the Alberta Road Safety Act valid along 128 Avenue NE from Skyview Ranch Road to Cornerstone Boulevard NE for obstructing the flow of traffic.”

Calgary community where more than a dozen vehicles have been towed.

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Armanious Bulmer refuted this, saying while residents were warned it was not in their neighborhood.

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“We have since learned that a community two kilometers west of us has been notified that if they continue to park in a certain way, they may eventually be towed,” she said.

“It was a completely different community.”

The CPA said there was no alleged mix-up. However, it also states that “given the dynamic needs of the community, towing and storage costs are reimbursed to vehicle owners as a courtesy.”

Armanious Bulmer had not received any notification of a refund by Monday afternoon. She also said there were other expenses that the park authority hadn’t offered to reimburse.

“The towing fee alone was $ 260 and I had two affected vehicles,” she said. “And if you do the math and include things like the Uber or transportation to get to the confiscated property, and then you factor in things like lost wages for missing work, that really adds up.”

Seizure invoice for a vehicle towed in Cornerstone Township

Seizure invoice for a vehicle towed in Cornerstone Township.

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Armanious Bulmer has launched an online campaign asking for answers. She also wants adequate signage for her street and reassurance that her neighbors will not be affected again.

“This is not easy with a refund and the apology over,” she said. “There’s a much deeper problem here.”

City Councilor George Chahal has also pledged to work with residents to ensure they are compensated.

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