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The Calgary Police Service has indicted three organizers of anti-mask rallies

Three people are charged and three others are wanted by the police for organizing anti-mask rallies over the weekend.

The Calgary Police Service announced in a press release on Wednesday that three charges were brought up in connection with gatherings where over 100 people protested the new public health regulations enacted to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The press release said that six people were identified as organizers of the rally, with Artur Pawlowski, David Pawloski and Ryan Audette being charged under Section 7 (1) of the Public Health Act of “failing to comply with the order of the medical health officer be able to wear face covering if necessary and not have permission for an event. “

The three other alleged organizers are currently being sought by CPS.

“It must be noted that for security reasons, both law enforcement agencies and members of the community are not always advised to issue a ticket at the time of an alleged crime,” the press release said.

“For example during a protest or an event where emotions are high. In many cases, tickets are issued in the hours or days following a breach based on evidence received at the time of the event. “

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