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The Canadian Armed Forces aim to recruit in Toronto

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The Canadian Armed Forces will host a virtual recruitment event to attract youth to the service in northwest Toronto.

The March 3 event is aimed at recruiting in the Jane-Finch and Humber Black Creek communities.

Teens have the opportunity to explore career opportunities in the military during a virtual session designed for those who live in the Downsview Airbase and Denison Armory area.

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The online event will take place on March 3rd at 4 p.m. and is called Make Your Future. It is intended to help young people find a career path.

“In addition to the traditional career path of joining the Canadian Army after high school or college, we want young people to know they have the opportunity to join CAF during a high-op program while they are still in of high school are. This program allows them to earn high school credits and a paycheck while training, ”said Lt (N) Victoria Shortridge of the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group.

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