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The Canadian news agency reveals poor working and living conditions at Malaysia’s Top Glove

TO UPDATE: According to Top Glove, the Canadian report “omits misleading and harmful” new company guidelines

An investigation report by the Canadian Broadcasting Company revealed shocking footage allegedly showing poor working and living conditions of migrant workers from Malaysia’s glove industry.

Malaysia’s glove industry is considered one of the largest in the world and is responsible for most of the gloves that enter Canada through more than a dozen companies CBC said in his Friday reportwhich had also pressured the Canadian government to do more against imports from companies tied to elements of forced labor, including debt bondage.

“You don’t care about the worker,” one employee was quoted as saying. “They just want you to work. They just want one product. ”

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Most of the employees CBC spoke to said they couldn’t afford to quit their jobs due to debt to lenders to pay recruiting agency fees.

Several Malaysian glove manufacturers were named in the detailed report, including Top Glove, where the coronavirus exploded late last year and killed an employeeas well as Smart Glove and Kosan Rubber Industries. The Canadian media company said it spoke to several current and former Malaysian glove factory workers, including one they named “Hari” to protect his identity. Hari had apparently shared videos about the situation at the Top Glove factory as well as in their dormitories prior to the massive COVID-19 outbreak.

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The scenes showed about 30 people sleeping in the same dormitory and unsanitary toilets. Workers were filmed in the workplace who were assaulted, involved in an accident, failed to practice safe distancing, and performed electrical repairs without proper safety equipment.

The videos also showed workers lined up closely to check their temperatures and not wearing masks while working on the production line.

Top Glove employs up to 21,000 people in Malaysia and primarily hires migrant workers from Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Indonesia.

The factories along Jalan Meru in the Klang district recorded nearly 7,000 COVID-19 infections in December and were shut down for almost a month by January 6. The infections in the factories have not stopped.

Those in Port Dickson, Sungai Puloh, Shah Alam, and Kedah were hit by another Covid-19 outbreak Saturday. Workers carried out mass COVID-19 investigations yesterday. The factories were allowed to continue working.

Malaysia has reported 158,434 cases and 601 deaths since the outbreak began.

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