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The Church is working with the Calgary Ward to expand food distribution

  • Center Street Church is promoting food donations and working with 30 community organizations to meet the growing demand for ready meals and food baskets. 180K Pounds of food distributed during COVID-19.
  • The population of people who come to CSC for food aid has changed and is growing even before COVID-19. Demand is expected to increase.
  • The Church has begun construction of its Central Campus Extension, which will include a facility to meet the growing need for physical, financial, and spiritual assistance.

CALGARY, AB, October 8, 2020 / CNW / – Calgary’s largest church has worked with over 30 organizations Calgary Getting food into the hands of people struggling during the pandemic. In the run-up to Thanksgiving Day, the Street Church (CSC) is calling on all Calgarians to continue donating food and building on the momentum of state and community support during COVID-19 and the economic downturn.

“Even before COVID-19, the population of people who came to us for nutrition had changed and grew,” he says Wayne Smele, Executive Pastor at Center Street Church. Smele notes that it is not only traditionally marginalized populations in need of support, but also many middle class families facing job loss. “This growing need is one of the reasons we started building to expand our food distribution program here at Center Street Church. We anticipate the need will only increase.”

Since the beginning of COVID-19, CSC has spread out 180K Pounds of groceries, including 21,073 ready meals for community organizations that put them into the hands of people in need. These populations include the elderly, families in crisis, single parents, high risk adolescents, and children. Since 2016, CSC has been working with the Calgary Food Bank to distribute over 800K Pound food for Calgarians in need.

“Governments at all levels have responded, and we know the Calgarians have stepped up with compassion in unprecedented ways,” notes Steve Griffin pastor of the Merciful Ministry at CSC. “We want to keep building that momentum as volunteer incomes and support change with the bustle of the fall season. We accept food donations so we can extend the impact and longevity of our prepared meal programs.”

statistics Canada reports that food insecurity in Canadian households is significantly higher during COVID-19, affecting nearly one in seven Canadians. Calgarians can donate food or money at the Calgary Food Bank or CSC Central Campus (East Entrance) at 3900 2 St NE. Calgary, AB T2E 9C1.


Background information, fact sheets, B-roll video clips and photos can be found at cschurch.ca/mediameals. Interviews with our pastor from Compassion Ministries will be available Friday October 9th, 2020.

SOURCE Center Street Church (CSC)

For More Information: To request an interview, please contact Pamela Aramburu, CSC Communications Director, at 403-830-7463 or by email [email protected]

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