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The City of Calgary is opening additional recreational facilities and expanding classroom availability

The city of Calgary announced that it will reopen three more recreational facilities next week, in addition to the eleven locations that have opened since February.

The following facilities can be booked from April 5th:

  • Glenmore Aquatic Center – 5330 19th Street SW
  • Renfrew Aquatic & Recreation Center – 810 13th Avenue NE
  • Inglewood Aquatic Center – 1527 17th Avenue SE

According to the provincial guidelines laid down in the “Path Forward” plan for the reopening, individual and group exercise options with low intensity are offered in these facilities by arrangement.

Individual fitness options include walking on waterways, exercises in shallow and deep water, and access to the weight room for low-intensity exercises.

One-to-one tuition (with a certified or paid trainer) and group training for smaller sports (under 18 years of age) are also permitted at these locations.

After five facilities in the city of Calgary restarted their swimming programs last week, it is now possible to register for swimming courses three of these additional facilities.

Skate lessons will take place in all reopened arenas. Visit the City of Calgary Recreation page for program information and registration.

“We monitored user visits and facility bookings and reopened facilities to safely accommodate the growing number of visitors,” said Jarret Hoebers, regional manager, Calgary Recreation.

“We are excited to serve Calgarians while following provincial public health guidelines.”

Including the recreational facilities, which will reopen April 5, eight city-operated water and fitness centers and 10 city-operated ice sheets will be open for bookings, as well as eight indoor courts at the Calgary Soccer Center.

Currently open locations are:

  • Bob Bahan Water and Fitness Center – 4812 14th Avenue SE
  • Canyon Meadows Water and Fitness Center – 89 Canova Road SW
  • Killarney Aquatic & Recreation Center – 1919 29th Street SW
  • Sir Winston Churchill Water and Recreation Center – 1520 Northmount Drive NW
  • Thornhill Aquatic & Recreation Center – 6715 Center Street NW
  • Optimist & George Blundun Arenas (two sheets of ice) – 5020 26th Avenue SW
  • Stew Hendry & Henry Viney Arenas (two sheets of ice) – 814 13th Avenue NE
  • Max Bell Center (Ken Bracko and Arena No. 2) – 1001 Barlow Trail SE
  • Father David Bauer and Norma Bush Arenas – 2424 University Drive NW
  • Southland Leisure Center (Arenas Ed Whalen and Joe Kryzcka) – 2000 Southland Drive SW
  • Calgary Soccer Center (eight artificial turf fields) – 7000 48th Street SE

The City of Calgary will continue to expand its list of available programs in line with the province’s reopening strategy. The city may consider opening other recreational facilities as needed, compliance with public health regulations, and the ability to re-staff.

Currently, public health regulations do not allow public skating, swimming on the track, or high-intensity fitness activities.

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