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The City of Calgary is Responding to Alberta’s New COVID-19 Restrictions

Public health policies in Alberta have become a little stricter.

Prime Minister Jason Kenney spoke at a livestream press conference Tuesday to inform Albertans that new COVID-19 restrictions are being put in place due to the growing number of cases and the increase in hospital stays and deaths as a result of the pandemic.

The new measures include a total ban on social gatherings both inside and outside, a mandatory mask mandate for the entire province and a number of new rules for restaurants, businesses and services.

The City of Calgary released a press release shortly after the press conference stating that the city government is currently reviewing the guidelines to provide an understanding of how they will affect the city’s facilities and operations.

“I acknowledge that additional restrictions, particularly at this time of year, place significant economic, mental and social strain on the Calgarians,” Mayor Naheed Nenshi said in the press release.

“But it is important that we all do everything we can to protect our families, neighbors and communities. The safer we can keep each other and the better we can control this virus, the better we can get back to normal once vaccines become available. “

The press release notes that the impact of the new COVID-19 restrictions on city services will be posted online on the City of Calgary website as the information becomes available.

The city plans to “work closely with the province to see how we can support and enforce public health ordinances at the local level,” the press release said.

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