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The City of Calgary urges residents to stay safe this Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but this year’s celebration presents some unique challenges.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has kept people from gathering en masse for nearly half a year, and this upcoming holiday is no exception.

The risk of infection is particularly high in Alberta, where there has been a recent surge in new and active coronavirus cases. October 8 marked the highest single-day surge in new cases in the entire pandemic, leading to an increase in active cases over 2,000 – a mark not seen since the first outbreak.

To protect the Calgarians from the unwitting spread of the contagious disease this weekend, the City of Calgary issued a press release with some tips on what Thanksgiving dinner should be like.

According to the publication, one of the most important factors in a COVID-proof celebration is keeping the party small and within your cohort.

Those at particular risk should consider holding Thanksgiving practically this year or spreading Thanksgiving over several days to keep the number of attendees down.

If dinner is in a physical location, it is best to choose a house that has the largest space available to allow physical distancing.

It’s also recommended by the city to have dinner outside if the weather cooperates and the forecast for that weekend looks (mostly) dry.

Spending time outdoors can also be viewed as an after-dinner activity rather than everyone sitting close together indoors.

During dinner, those most at risk should be placed at the end of the table, furthest from others, and everyone should sit near their own cohorts.

Hand sanitizer should be kept available, one-handed towels should be placed in the washrooms, and all meals should be buffet style by one person (who has washed their hands) rather than one serving.

“Be creative and use your own judgment to assess what is best for your situation to follow the public health guidelines,” the press release said.

“A few small adjustments can make your family safer and ensure that everyone goes home safe and sound. I wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day. “

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