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The devastated Calgary community comes together to clean up

CALGARY (CityNews) – A community in northeast Calgary is contracting over the weekend after a riot of vandalism.

At least 12 companies and one vehicle in Bridgeland have been graffitied, including a work of art in public spaces.

Just sad. Very sad. We can leave this where it belongs in 2020. ???? pic.twitter.com/IhOj31hOvW

– rndsqr_ (@rndsqr_) December 27, 2020

Brian Beck, president of the Community Association, told CityNews that the community’s Christmas tree had also been stolen.

He said that within a few hours, the community had come together to repair the damage.

The Christmas tree was returned and a member of the community put hearts over the vandalism at tagged businesses.

The Calgary police say they have received a complaint about a tagged vehicle.

Many in the community used social media to promote graffiti.

This is especially difficult for companies that are now bearing the cost of the cleanup and are already dealing with COVID-19 restrictions, according to Beck.

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