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The Importance of Community (and Maintaining the Spirit of the Calgary Stampede) Strategy

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Community. What does it mean to you when you think of this word? I’m sure if I asked 100 people I would get 100 different answers. But if you look at the scripture of all wisdom – Wikipedia – what does it say? Well here is their definition:

A community is a social unit (a group of living beings) with similarities such as norms, religion, values, customs or identity. Communities can share a sense of place that is located in a certain geographic area (e.g. a country, a village, a city or a district) or in virtual space via communication platforms. Enduring relationships that go beyond immediate genealogical ties also define a sense of community that is important to their identity, practice, and role in social institutions such as family, home, work, government, society, or all of humanity. Although communities are typically small in relation to personal social ties, “community” can also refer to large group memberships such as national communities, international communities, and virtual communities … In a seminal 1986 study, McMillan and Chavis identify four elements of “meaning” the community “:

  1. Membership: feeling of belonging or sharing a feeling of personal connection,
  2. Influence: important, a difference for a group and for the group that is important to its members
  3. Reinforcement: integration and fulfillment of needs,
  4. common emotional connection.

Dan Sullivan, one of the co-founders of Strategic Coach – an entrepreneurial coaching program that has benefited me personally for the past 22 years – explains in one of his excellent articles that being part of a community:

  • Help in dealing with loneliness;
  • Provide security in numbers;
  • helping to learn from the successes and failures of others;
  • offer the opportunity to gain a truly unique perspective;
  • Introduce responsible partners to stay on track; and
  • offer the opportunity to experience cooperative competition.

There is no shortage of community books, definitions and perspectives. But the above catches it up nicely for me. When I think about it, the Calgary Church comes to mind. For those of you familiar with Calgary, you will know that it is a young, energetic, entrepreneurial community filled with can-do people.

However, the past six years have been challenging for Calgary. There have been numerous and continuous blows that have challenged this sense of community. The only constant has always been the Calgary Stampede. The Stampede has a 108-year history and while some locals get a little grumpy with all that “yee-hawing” at times, it’s fair to say that all Calgarians are pretty proud of what the Stampede brings every year – and that all over the year – to build Calgary’s church. This year, the Stampede (originally scheduled for July 3-12, 2020) was canceled for the first time due to COVID-19. Very disappointing. But – in true Calgary fashion – the Stampede states the following on their website:


We may not be able to gather or celebrate the traditional way during the 2020 Stampede, but that won’t stop the Stampede spirit from getting through during the ten days of July. Whether you’re Stampede at home, in your yard, or with your neighbors, we’re excited to see how you create community spirit this year.

Keep your hats on!

What a wonderful way to capture the Calgary feeling of community. Accordingly, we are all excited here at Moodys Tax to take on the challenge of continuing and creating the “community spirit”. We have a number of in-house events planned (like pancake breakfast, a week of western dress, family events) and even some outside events where we work with our customers, friends, and the community to socialize and raise some cash for the Calgary Food Bank. We urge all of our friends, regardless of where you are in the world, to join us and the Calgary community in continuing to create the Calgary Community Spirit. To the community! The Calgary Stampede is definitely right … community spirit cannot be undone! Bottom up!

And yee-haw and yahoo !!

Originally published July 3, 2020

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