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The judge says double murders of drug dealers in Calgary are pointless

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Before Calgary’s double killer Christopher Naidu was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his drug partners, two of his victims’ sisters took time to engage with him.

“You’re a piece of -” Crystal Bamfo told Naidu after reading a statement about the victim’s implications in court.

Defense attorney Jim Lutz objected to the woman’s lack of decency, but Judge Jim Eamon declined to admonish the Calgary woman.

“I understand that sometimes people want to express their feelings,” said the judge on the Court of Queen’s Bench.

Eamon accepted the claims made by Lutz and District Attorney Todd Buziak that Naidu, 31, would receive an adequate sentence and that the murders of Joshua Bamfo and Mahad Ainanshe had no parole for at least 25 years.

The judge could have granted Naidu consecutive periods of suspended sentence, which Naidu was incarcerated for at least 50 years, but agreed with the lawyers who were inappropriate in the case.

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After the court adjourned and Sheriffs escorted Naidu from the court, it was the turn of a sister of Naidu’s other victim to express her displeasure with the killer.

“You will rot in hell,” said Amal Ainanshe.

“You will rot in prison for the rest of your life, you will rot in prison, pig.”

Last month, on April 20, 2018, Eamon found Naidu guilty of two first degree murders and shot the deaths of his two drug partners.

The judge found that Naidu lured the two men into an alley in northwest parish Evanston in the middle of the afternoon and shot them.

The two men were shot at close range in the front seat of Bamfo’s SUV by Naidu, who was in the back, ruled Eamon.

Calgary Police are investigating a shooting in Evanston on April 20th. Photo by Al Charest /.Postmedia

It was the Crown’s theory that Naidu shot the two men in order to gain sole ownership of their client list and client contacts in their drug business, even though Eamon said he could not find greed as a motive for the crimes.

Before Naidu was sentenced, Eamon heard several family members of the two victims testify about the victims’ effects.

Ainanshe’s mother, Iman, said Naidu had taken her only son with her.

“That day you turned off the lights in my house, my heart, and took away my only son,” she said.

“The pain you caused the day Mahad was killed will never be forgotten. All of Mahad’s sisters, friends, classmates, professors, and teachers were heartbroken. “

Bamfo’s mother Nanette said she too had lost her only son.

“The only thing I want to ask Chris is why?” she said and turned to Naidu, who was a close family friend.

“Why did you do this to Josh, someone you’ve known since childhood,” she said.

“I treated you like a son because of your friendship with Josh and you do that to us. It’s so shameful. “

She said the family was devastated.

“Josh didn’t die naturally. He was taken away from us by a disturbed friend. “


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