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The Metropolis of Calgary has issued 40 Masks Statute tickets to this point

The City of Calgary has issued 40 legal violation tickets to cover faces.

A press release from the city said that since the interim mask law was introduced in August in response to the pandemic, officials have fined 40 times in violation of the rule.

According to the press release, only one ticket was issued to one company because the required signage was not displayed, letting customers know that face-covering is required for indoor public spaces.

The majority of the other violations tickets – 25 to be precise – have been issued since November 25, when the city declared a state of emergency and the province’s stricter collection restrictions went into effect across Alberta.

New provincial restrictions have also limited the number of people allowed on a Calgary business to a maximum of 15% of capacity.

“The vast majority of companies comply with public health law, and we are grateful to the business community for their contribution to complying with restrictions and improving the safety of their customers,” said Ryan Pleckaitis, chief bylaw officer of Calgary Community standards. in the publication.

“We have heard some concerns about overcrowding in larger retail stores such as malls and we want to reassure Calgarians that we are reviewing any concerns in a timely manner and continue to respond to capacity issues heard through 311.”

The press release also noted that a total of 11 tickets for violations have been written since December 9th.

On December 6th, after a religious gathering, two tickets were issued to a church and the above ticket for the lack of proper signage.

Three public health law tickets were issued to anti-mask protesters last week. Two more tickets are expected to be delivered in connection with the same event.

“The City of Calgary will continue to investigate and actively enforce planned events and protests that pose the greatest risk to the public in violation of the PHA,” the press release said.

The city also announced that it had extended the face-covering statute through December 2021, increasing the fines to $ 100 for a first offense, $ 200 for a second, and $ 300 for a third over a 12-month period.

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