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The University of Calgary breaks ground in Mathison Hall, a new building for the Haskayne School of Business | news

While there won’t be any celebration, fanfare, or photo ops from shovels in the ground, make no mistake May 1st, 2020 will be an important day in the city’s corporate history.

Construction begins on the Haskayne Capital Expansion project, which includes the new four-story 10,000-Square meters Mathison Hall building and Scurfield Hall renovation. These buildings together will become a new home for the Haskayne School of Business when construction is completed for September 2022. The LEED Platinum Project will add a dozen new classrooms ranging in size from 40 to 100 seats to the business school, as well as new rooms for study, group work, student counseling, meals and events.

These facilities will greatly enhance business education in Calgary and help generations of students apply their business education to bring innovative ideas to market and create entrepreneurial mindsets for the economic challenges we face in 2022 and beyond have to.

“ON Today’s celebration of this landmark event would have been a fitting recognition of the dedication and dedication of our students, faculties, staff, advisors, alumni, donors, and university leaders who went to great lengths to bring this vision to life. ” says Haskayne Dean Jim Dewald.

Generations of business students will learn and grow tomorrow thanks to this investment made today.

The project has been a priority at the university since 2014 and is currently addressing a significant space crisis. When Scurfield Hall opened in Haskayne in 1986, approximately 1,000 students were taking classes in traditional classrooms. By 2022, the school is expected to have 4,000 students from Bachelor of Commerce, MBA, Master of Management, PhD and DBA programs who will study in technologically enhanced, state-of-the-art spaces that facilitate learning through lecture, group work and experience learning .

“This is a critical time for the school to support our strategic growth and bold vision, and it will create significant capacity for unparalleled learning, innovative research and meaningful community engagement,” says Dewald. “We’re creating a home for our students and we’re bringing all of the business classes back to the business school with new places to collaborate, study and study.”

Early support from the business community

Since the University of Calgary announced the project in 2018, generous donors have contributed over $ 28 million to its $ 40 million philanthropic goal. In addition on the gift of $ 20 million from Ronald P. MathisonOther executives and alumni have invested in the project through the Viewpoint Foundation, including Rob Peters and his family, Michael and Renae Tims, and Mac and Susan Van Wielingen.

“The Haskayne Capital Expansion Project is an investment in the future of business education in Calgary and will bring immeasurable benefits to our students, the province and the economy,” said UCalgary President Ed McCauley. “Student demand for undergraduate and graduate business programs has grown significantly, and we are combining this thriving demand for management education with the incredible support of the Calgary business community to make this project a reality.”.

Safe working conditions

The start of construction on May 1st had been set for almost a year, as the planning work was already well advanced. These construction protocols have been updated in the last few weeks in view of the distance measures that are customary today. The university and its contractor have been in close contact with health and safety in Alberta to implement safe work practices. The project is on time and on budget. If we proceed safely with construction now, we will offer employment opportunities in times of economic uncertainty.

Haskayne’s current home, Scurfield Hall, was also built during Alberta’s difficult economic times. Since opening in 1986, the school’s alumni have run businesses large and small, have been masters of innovation, and have held significant leadership roles in our community, our country, and around the world.

The money for the capital expansion project is part of Energize: The campaign for high eyes, UCalgary’s transformative fundraiser. Driven by the generosity of UCalgary’s friends and supporters, we spark discovery, creativity, and innovation to create lasting positive change in the University of Calgary, our city, and beyond

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