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The video of the arrest on the Calgary ice rink leads to allegations that the police have gone overboard – Calgary

After being arrested on camera, a Calgary family wondered if the police had gone too far. Twelve-year-old Rayan Sanoubar skateboarded on an ice rink in Southwood and videotaped parts of the encounter.

It started Thursday afternoon when the statutes responded to reports from more than 40 people crowding the Southwood community’s ice rink and skate park.

“A peace officer was in that car and got out and … told the skateboarders we have to go and [we’re] I wasn’t allowed to be there and we all refused, and he asked for support for other police officers, ”said Sanoubar.

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The video shows a person on the ground and several police officers. The person in police custody hears swear words screaming and says, “Where is our freedom? These police handcuff me, we’re outside. “

“They had him on the ground for six minutes, just frozen, and cut off his skates with a knife. They arrested him and threatened us with the words: “We’ll give you tickets if you don’t leave,” said Sanoubar.

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Corwin Odland, of CPS Public Affairs, said people refused to step away from an outdoor skating area after being told they were violating public health regulations.

“When our officers arrived they were talking to the same people about the health orders and several left without incident,” Odland said.

“However, one person became confrontational and refused to follow the officers’ instructions.

“When he was told that he had received a ticket for non-departure, he refused to provide identification and ran away from the officers.”

Police said the person refused to provide identification when asked to do so by an officer. He was charged with obstruction of justice.

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“The officers explained this legal requirement to the man and tried several times to get him to voluntarily step off the ice and follow their instructions before moving in to physically detain him. At that point there was a fight and an officer was knocked down, ”said Odland.

Supt. Ryan Ayliffe said the police will focus on compassion in these situations but will not tolerate people who refuse to obey.

“We see officials constantly being placed in these untenable positions of promoting and supporting the law,” Ayliffe said. “What is happening through our lens is that good people are trying to find parts of what they want to do in a changing environment, and it is extremely stressful for people.”

A 21-year-old man was charged with obstructing an officer, resisting arrest and violating the Public Health Act.

Rayan Sanoubar, who recorded the video on the rink, and his mother, Roula Aboukhodoud, spoke to Global News.

Rayan Sanoubar, who recorded the video on the rink, and his mother, Roula Aboukhodoud, spoke to Global News.

Jill Croteau / Global News

Sanoubar’s mother, Roula Aboukhodoud, said she did not condone the disrespect but disagreed with the police’s tactics.

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“I think it was overboard, too much, it was extreme,” said Aboukhodoud.

“You should have spoken to the kids first to explain why the statutes are in place and how they really need social distancing.”

“To be outside and have fun, you shouldn’t do anything and leave it alone. We’re out here right now to skate and to distance ourselves socially, ”said Sanoubar.

“It’s frustration, big time. They felt like they were not doing anything wrong, enjoying themselves and having fun and everyone is frustrated with COVID, ”Aboukhodoud said.

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Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said the rinks are open but there are rules.

“You can go to the outdoor ice rinks with your family cohort, the people who live in your home.

“If there are other people on the rink, you don’t have to go home,” said Nenshi. “But you shouldn’t really start a lot of big pick-up hockey games with people around you. There is body contact and you don’t want that. “

Sue Henry, director of the Emergency Management Agency in Calgary, said it was about being able to stay two meters away from those who are not in your household.

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“You will see that most rink operators have a capacity sign somewhere near where you would step on the ice,” said Henry.

“These capacity marks are based on what they believe is the safest approach to getting a number of people on the ice.”

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