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These are the new Edmonton and Calgary COVID-19 measures

Due to the increased number of COVID-19 cases, new public health measures have been introduced for Edmonton and Calgary.

According to a statement from the province of Alberta, all Edmontonians and Calgarians should stop having social gatherings in their homes and instead gather (if necessary) in a more structured setting “where it is easier to limit the risk of exposure”.

The province also noted that all parishes outside of the two watchlist cities are now also below the mandatory 15-person limit for social gatherings, similar to those introduced for Edmonton and Calgary earlier this month.

The voluntary measure of limiting your cohorts to three and wearing a mask in the workplace now applies to the watch-list communities and continues to apply to the cities.

The Province of Alberta also noted its plans to hire 380 additional contact tracing staff, bringing the team to over 1,100 people.

The new measures come on the same day that 644 new cases were identified, and active cases hit an all-time high of 7,965 in Alberta.

As always, Albertans are encouraged to practice safe physical distancing, wear a mask in public, maintain proper hand hygiene, and stay at home when feeling sick.

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