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Third Palestinian protest pulls more than a thousand vehicles into downtown Calgaryary

CALGARY – Thousands of Calgarians protest and support the Palestinian territories as mounting violence sweeps across the Middle East.

Tensions are mounting around the world as Arab and Jewish communities take to the streets in dozens of major cities to protest the conflict and express their displeasure with the other side.

A third day of gatherings took place in Calgary on Sunday to denounce the violence and injustice against the Palestinian people.

The protests come after the deadliest day in a week of fighting between Israeli forces and the militant Hamas group.

The convoy on Sunday, which made its way to the town hall, comprised more than a thousand vehicles.

“Today we are all Palestinians,” participant Saima Jamal told CTV News. “This is about standing up for human rights. It’s about standing up for the oppressed, for people who have no voice.”

Tensions began in East Jerusalem in early May when Palestinians protested against attempts by settlers to forcibly evict a number of families from their homes.

Hamas fired rockets at Jerusalem late Monday, triggering an Israeli attack on Gaza. Since then, Hamas has fired more than 2,000 rockets, although most either fell short or were intercepted by missile defense.

Israel’s warplanes and artillery have hit hundreds of targets around the blocked Gaza Strip, where about two million Palestinians live.

At least 145 Palestinians and eight Israelis had died by Sunday morning.

Calgary wasn’t the only city with protests.

All over the world rallies took place in the pro-Palestinian territory.

Pro-Israel groups, loudly outnumbered in many Canadian cities, protested in cities like Toronto and Winnipeg.

In Calgary, the community decided to meet online instead.

Rabbi Leonard Cohen quoted the pandemic as he spoke about the election.

“Everyone is in need, everyone is heartbroken and praying,” he said. “Unfortunately, the inflammatory rhetoric surrounding everything that is going on is leading to an escalation of anti-Semitism.”

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