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This is Calgary’s weather on the first day of spring

This Saturday marks the first day of spring and Calgary’s weather will reflect the change of season with sunshine and warm temperatures.

The city has already seen unusually high temperatures in the past few weeks, and this trend is expected to continue for the next few days.

According to The Weather Network, the Thursday before the first day of spring will bring clear, sunny skies and 15 ° C.

The Friday forecast has the possibility of showers (as appropriate for spring), but temperatures remain seasonal, with a maximum of 12 ° C.

For the first official spring day on March 20th, we can expect a mixture of sun and clouds and a maximum of 9 ° C.

Sunday cools down slightly, with a mix of sun and clouds and 7 ° C that feels more like 6 ° C.

The weather network

The temperatures remain constant for the next week: Monday at 7 ° C, Tuesday at 8 ° C and Wednesday at 10 ° C.

Many Calgarians are preparing for the coming “second winter”. However, according to TWN’s 14-day trend, the daily highs are expected to stay above 5 ° C through the end of March.

Storms can occur in the days leading up to the last weekend of the month, but otherwise it looks like it’s sailing smoothly into spring.

Make the most of the continued good weather and go outside this weekend, YYC!

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