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This is how Calgary is implementing Alberta’s relaunch strategy

Note: As local parks, shops, and events reopen, Alberta Health Services is reminding individuals to monitor their health for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. And if you are not feeling well, they recommend staying home at this time. If you do decide to go out, follow 6 foot physical distancing guidelines.

The City of Calgary has announced its plans for the province’s relaunch strategy.

Prime Minister Jason Kenney announced on May 1 that COVID-19 restrictions would be eased in three phases, and while Phase 1 has not yet been seen, the announcement came with some initial reopenings.

The Level 0 reopening included vehicle access to provincial parks, some non-urgent operations, and golf courses across the province.

However, the announcement came with a caveat that the hardest-hit areas in Alberta could see these reopenings at a later, safer time.

Calgary, where most of the province’s cases have occurred, released a press release on May 1 detailing plans to implement the new relaunch strategy.

“It’s great to hear the provincial plans and I hope the Calgarians have learned that a phased approach will only work if we continue to flatten the curve,” Deputy Chief Sue Henry said in the press release.

“We must maintain the progress we have made so far with COVID-19 while continuing to take care of our mental, physical and economic health.”

The press release stated that Calgary has reopened skate parks across the city, although physical distance requirements of two meters still apply and no more than 15 people are allowed in one location.

“It is wonderful that we can see some light in this tunnel, but we are not there yet,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi in the press release.

“We must remain vigilant, act our most conscientiously, and work together so that a reopening occurs and we can begin our recovery.”

The city has also started to allow some sports that do not require participants to share a touched surface, such as sports. B. a ball.

Permitted sports include golf, disc golf, individual tennis, individual badminton, individual pickleball, individual kayaking, and river surfing. However, the press release also indicated that the golf courses operated by the City of Calgary will remain closed at this time.

The weekly collection of the green car will continue in the week of May 1st.

The City of Calgary also said it is in talks with the province to clarify which businesses can reopen once Level 1 is reached.

Kenney noted that the next stage of the relaunch strategy could be implemented as early as May 14th, depending on Alberta’s hospital stay and case statistics at that time.

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