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This is the earliest time the sun sets in Calgary all winter

The days of the darkening sky will soon be behind us.

According to timeanddate.com, we currently experience the earliest time the sun sets in Calgary year round, which is dark and early 4:29 PM.

While the total length of sunlight per day is still getting shorter due to later sunrises up to the winter solstice on December 21st, sunsets will come out later and later from here on.

Calgary sunrise and sunset times (timeanddate.com)

We’ll be seeing a sunset at 4:29 pm for the next week or so, but as soon as December 17th comes we can expect an extra minute of evening sunlight.

Hello dark my old friend
Why are you here? It’s 4 p.m.

– jonny sun (@jonnysun) November 3, 2019

Not quite the 9:55 p.m. sunset we are used to in late June, but hey, it’s a start folks.

We promise that the daily way home (or the end of the WFH work day) will see sun again soon.

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