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This week is cooler days on the way to the Calgary weather

It’s not a blizzard, but it will definitely feel like a Calgary fall this week.

After an unusually warm September – especially given the record-breaking snowfall we saw around this time last year – this second week of October is expected to cool down a bit.

Instead of the 20 + ° C days we say last week, this one will cut things down on the low teens, according to The Weather Network.

However, there are a few select days when summer weather returns, including this Monday which is expected to be above 22 ° C.

Tuesday will peak at 19 ° C and Wednesday will peak at 15 ° C. Both are expected to be mostly sunny.

Thursday will likely bring thermometers to a high of 21 ° C and a low of 5 ° C, while Friday will bring one of the cooler days of the week with a high of just 13 ° C that feels like 12 ° C.

Calgary Weather This Week (The Weather Network)

This crisp fall day brings a mix of sun and clouds, which means it’s the perfect day to visit the pumpkin patch.

Saturday warms up again to a high of 18 ° C, and Sunday reflects Friday’s forecast with a high of just 13 ° C.

While you may have to choose which days to choose to toss the hood and scarf with a PSL in hand (without total overheating), this week may mark a turning point in the coming fall weather.

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