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This weekend could be stormy for Calgary

A storm is looming for Calgary.

The weather network’s seven-day forecast predicts the risk of thunderstorms on Saturday and Sunday, although before all the terrifying thunder and lightning we will see a beautiful summer day.

This Friday continues with sunny skies and 23 ° C, resulting in a clear night perfect for the Stampede fireworks.

The sun will still be shining and temperatures will still reach the 20s on Saturday and Sunday, but the weekend also brings the chance for stormy skies.

The weather network predicts a 40% chance of precipitation on both days, but will likely only see 1mm (or less on Sunday) of precipitation.

Calgary Weather (The Weather Network)

Thunderstorms can also occur on Tuesday and Wednesday, but there will be much more rain of 10-15mm per day.

Things are expected to clear up and warm up by next Thursday and Friday, although we need to have up to 55mm of rainfall before we get there.

So enjoy sunny Friday while you can, Calgary.

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