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Top 10 Calgary Stories of 2019 – Calgary

At the end of the year and decade, Global Calgary looks back on the stories that intrigued readers and keeps them scrolling according to online traffic.

From a shoot that terrified shoppers at a Calgary mall, to the devastating ending, to days spent searching for a young mother and daughter, here are the stories that made up the top 10 online stories of 2019.

10. An Alberta man’s pasta bowl freezes and his fork floats in the air in freezing temperatures

0:51Noodles freeze in mid-air as Calgary battles extreme cold

Noodles freeze in mid-air as Calgary battles extreme cold – March 3, 2019

Much of Alberta had gone into a freezing state in early 2019, and it wasn’t enough for a man to see his breath in the air as he went outside to show how cold it was.

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Calgarian Jonathan Scholes decided to experiment with a bowl of hot, boiling pasta and a fork on a -30 ° C day in February, and the result was nothing short of amazing.

Within 10 to 15 minutes, Scholes said, the pasta frozen solid, leaving a spectacle for the eyes of the pasta and fork floating in the cold air.

9. The owner of a haulage company involved in a Humboldt Broncos bus accident has committed to security allegations

2:01Admissions of guilt for security charges for the owner of a haulage company involved in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash

Confession of guilt for security fees for the owner of a haulage company involved in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash – March 27, 2019

More than a year after the bus with the Humboldt Broncos ice hockey team collided with a semi-trailer truck in Saskatchewan, the company owner who owned the truck pleaded guilty to five charges against it.

Sukhmander Singh admitted that he had failed to follow multiple provincial and federal safety regulations in the months leading up to the fatal collision and was convicted of violations ranging from non-compliance with a daily driver protocol to his drivers failing to comply with safety regulations. He was fined $ 5,000. Calgary-based Adesh Deol Trucking is no longer in business.

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8. “Your son died saving my little girl”: Calgary man dies while saving a girl in BC

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2:06Calgary man dies while BC girls rescue lake

Calgary man dies rescuing girls from BC Lake – June 2, 2019

A young Calgary man died after plunging into the waters of Windermere Lake in May to rescue a young girl he saw fighting and calling for help.

The 20-year-old wasn’t a strong swimmer, but didn’t think twice before running into the water to save the girl from drowning. After Jon Paul Stein-Palmiere saved the child, he went underwater. Despite efforts to save him, he later died in the hospital.

Stein-Palmiere described the young girl’s family as heroes and as “the greatest person you can ever imagine”.

7. Calgary has had its longest cold weather in 21 years

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2:17Calgary in the longest coldest stretch in over 20 years

Calgary’s longest cold weather stretch in over 20 years – February 11, 2019

Do you remember the frozen bowl of pasta? This experiment was conducted during one of the longest cold temperatures in Calgary in the city’s history.

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The polar vortex that spanned much of Canada did not shy away from Alberta, and the Calgarians clustered to combat daily highs that were 23 ° C below average. Until February 2, the city had seen no temperatures above -11 ° C for nine days.

6. 4.6 earthquakes strike central Alberta near Red Deer

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2:054.6 magnitude earthquake struck central Alberta

4.6 magnitude earthquake struck central Alberta March 4, 2019

Shaking someone to wake them up is not uncommon for some, but waking up feeling your whole house shaking was for many people in Sylvan Lake and Red Deer after a 4.6 magnitude earthquake in the area in certainly troubling March.

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According to Natural Resources Canada, the earthquake’s epicenter was south of Red Deer and about one kilometer deep.

Residents reported waking up feeling their homes shaking and power outages ensuing. Almost a week later, another 4.3 magnitude quake was felt at nearby Rocky Mountain House.

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5th man injured after reports of gunfire at CrossIron Mills shopping mall north of Calgary

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1:38Suspect at large after reportedly shooting in a mall north of Calgary

Suspect at large after reported gunfire at a mall north of Calgary – September 17, 2019

Shoppers, diners and moviegoers feared for their lives on a September evening after filming at the popular and bustling CrossIron Mills mall near Calgary.

RCMP and Calgary police officers rushed to the shopping district after a person was shot dead in what the police called a “targeted incident” and the public was not threatened even though the officers had no one in custody.

Four people would eventually be arrested and charged with several offenses, including attempted murder, related to the brazen shooting.

4. Wife wanted on 115 counts by Calgary police arrested in Sask.

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0:18Wife wanted on 115 counts by Calgary police arrested in Sask.

Woman arrested on 115 counts wanted by Calgary police in Sask January 2, 2019

The Saskatchewan Police Department was key to helping the Calgary Police Department arrest a woman wanted on 115 charges, including attacking with a gun and possessing a gun for a dangerous purpose.

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Laetitia Angelique Acera, who investigators say had links to Lower Mainland BC and Saskatchewan, was eventually arrested in Saskatoon thanks to help from social media, which police said made hiding in another province difficult.

3. Corpses of Jasmine Lovett, Aliyah Sanderson reportedly found, Calgary police arrested

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0:38Suspect arrested at Calgary processing station after 2 bodies were found

Suspect arrested at Calgary Processing Station after 2 bodies were found – May 7, 2019

The day-long search in much of southern Alberta ended in disaster in early May after the bodies of Jasmine Lovett and Aliyah Sanderson were found in Kananaskis Country.

More than 50 policemen and other officers helped in the desperate search for the young mother and young daughter after they failed to show up for a family dinner in late April. Her disappearance was declared a murder two days later.

Just a day after their bodies were found, Robert Leeming, the prime suspect Lovett and her daughter lived with at his Cranston home, was arrested and charged with two second-degree murders in the death of their mother and daughter.

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2. Syrian family in Calgary mourn their 9-year-old daughter who died of suicide

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3:04Syrian family mourn their 9-year-old daughter who died of suicide

Syrian family mourns 9-year-old daughter who died of suicide – April 13, 2019

Members of several Calgary communities mourned with a Syrian family new to the city in April after their young daughter died of suicide. Amal Alshteiwi’s family said the nine-year-old took her own life after being bullied at school.

The young girl’s death, as well as other reported bullying incidents, prompted the Calgary Board of Education to conduct an independent review of bullying in the school to understand the effectiveness of the board’s policies and practices in combating bullying.

The review found that bullying is rare in CBE schools and that the board’s anti-bullying guidelines were “fundamentally solid”.

There were also a number of recommendations, including that the board keep statistics on bullying and give teachers and parents who interact with students more time to learn how to deal with bullying.

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1st Alberta Elections 2019

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1:48Alberta election 2019: a look back at the night in less than 2 minutes

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The election of Alberta’s 18th Prime Minister was something the Calgarians didn’t want to miss or be informed about.

From the dozen of driving profiles listing each candidate, to the Promise Tracker, which outlines the political campaign’s commitments, to live results, Global News was the website for voters in Alberta and Calgary.

Global News also gave voters in-depth coverage through its unique fact check research and a quick and dirty breakdown of where the big parties stood on some of the biggest political issues on a robust election cheat sheet.

On election night, thousands of avid readers and viewers turned to live election coverage, which generated thoughtful analysis and responses from across the province.

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