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Tudor Pickering increases Canadian Natural Resource (TSE: CNQ) target price to CAD 45.00

Canadian Natural Resources (TSE: CNQ) (NYSE: CNQ) The price target was raised to CAD 45.00 by Tudor Pickering in a research note published on Tuesday, reports Stock Target Advisor. The company currently has a buy rating for the stock. Tudor Pickering’s price target indicates a potential increase of 18.11% over the company’s previous close.

Other analysts recently published research reports on the company. Bank of America raised its target price on Canadian natural resources from C $ 41.00 to C $ 44.00 in a report on Wednesday, February 24th. The Royal Bank of Canada confirmed an “Outperform” rating and set a price target of CAD 43.00 for shares of Canadian Natural Resources in a research note on Wednesday, April 7th. Credit Suisse Group raised its target price for Canadian natural resources to CAD 32.00 and gave the company a “neutral” rating in a research note on Monday, March 22nd. CSFB set a target price of CAD 52.00 for Canadian natural resources and gave the company a “neutral” rating in a research note on Thursday, April 8th. Finally, the Goldman Sachs Group confirmed a “neutral” rating and set a price target of CAD 28.00 for shares of Canadian Natural Resources in a research note on Monday, January 25th. Three equity analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating and eight with a buy rating. The stock currently has a consensus rating of “Buy” and an average price target of $ 39.84.

CNQ shares lost $ 0.34 during Tuesday’s trading hours to hit $ 38.10. 1,418,577 shares of the company were exchanged, compared to an average volume of 6,911,299. The stock’s 50-day moving average is $ 38.17 and the 200-day moving average is $ 30.87. The company has a leverage ratio of 71.47, a current rate of 0.86, and a fast rate of 0.59. The stock has a market capitalization of $ 45.20 billion and a price-earnings ratio of -102.73. Canadian Natural Resources has a 52-week low of CAD 16.55 and a 52-week high of CAD 41.05.


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Canadian Natural Resources (TSE: CNQ) (NYSE: CNQ) last announced its results on Thursday March 4th. The company reported earnings per share of $ 0.05 for the quarter, missing the consensus estimate of $ 0.06 by $ 0.01. The company posted revenue of $ 5.02 billion for the quarter, compared to the consensus estimate of $ 4.88 billion. Equity research analysts predict Canadian Natural Resources will achieve earnings per share of 3.05 for the current fiscal year.

In Other Canadian Natural Resource News, Director Stephen W. Laut sold 5,000 shares of the stock on Monday March 15. The stock sold at an average price of $ 40.36 for a total value of $ 201,800. Following the transaction, the director now holds 2,275,112 shares in the company valued at $ 91,823,520.32. Insiders have sold 95,875 shares in the company for $ 3,671,207 in the past three months.

Canadian Natural Resources Company Profile

Canadian Natural Resources Limited researches, develops, manufactures, and markets crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids (NGLs). The company offers synthetic crude (SCO), light and medium crude, bitumen (thermal oil), primary heavy crude, and heavy crude from Pelican Lake. Midstream assets include two crude oil pipeline systems; and a 50% stake in an 84 megawatt cogeneration power plant in Primrose.

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Analyst Recommendations for Canadian Natural Resources (TSE: CNQ)

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I’ll start with a disclaimer. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) or Nio (NYSE: NIO) do not appear on this list. And not because I’m contrary. I only consider Tesla and Nio to be the known amounts in the electric vehicle space. The aim of this presentation is to help you identify any stocks that may be flying under your radar.

Many EV shares went public in 2020 through a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC). This story has both good and bad qualities. The good thing is that investors have many options to invest in the EV sector. Many of the companies that have entered the market are trying to enter a specific niche.

The potentially bad news is that these stocks are very speculative in nature. While companies like Tesla and Nio have a proven (if recent) track record, there are things like sales and orders for investors to analyze. Many of these newly listed companies ask investors to buy history rather than stock, and that’s always risky.

However, in this particular presentation, we identified seven companies that look like they have a story compelling enough that investors should be rewarded in 2021.

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