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Updated: Calgary police officer killed by hit-and-run driver of traffic obstruction on New Year’s Eve

Calgary – NEWS – A Calgary Police Service officer died on New Year’s Eve after being hit by a driver who escaped a traffic obstruction in the northeastern Falconridge township of the city.

The police have two suspects this afternoon.

Following the death of a Calgary police officer, first-degree murder warrants were issued for two people. Al-Azan Shah MUHAMMAD, 17, and Amir ABDULRAHMAN, 19, both from Calgary, are wanted in connection with the incident. @CanStopCrime #yyc #wantedhttps: //t.co/a0zMbpe9rM pic.twitter.com/dQdTxqS9Xr

– Calgary Police Department (@CalgaryPolice) January 1, 2021

This morning, Calgary Police Department stated, “Massive efforts are being made to locate and bring to justice those responsible for the killing of one of our members. Dozens of sworn and civil members work around the clock to track down every single clue. “

We can publish the name of our member who was killed on duty yesterday.

Sgt. Andrew Harnett, 37, joined the Calgary Police Service 12 years ago. He will be missed forever. #yyc #WeWillRemember #ThinBlueLine https://t.co/ZHCXNrcrN0 pic.twitter.com/7mUAxT7tbA

– Calgary Police Department (@CalgaryPolice) January 1, 2021

The officer had stopped a vehicle near Falconridge Boulevard and Falconridge Drive at around 10:50 p.m. when the driver fled the scene and met the officer, whom the Calgary police had not yet identified.

The police made this statement:

It is with deep sadness and heartbreak that we have to tell you that we lost one of our police families last night.
While working on the safety of our roads, a Calgary Police Service officer was hit by a vehicle that was escaping a traffic obstruction. Despite desperate attempts by his colleagues and members of EMS, he died as a result of his injuries.

At around 10:50 p.m. on Thursday, December 31, 2020, an officer conducted a traffic disruption in the area of ​​Falconridge Boulevard and Falconridge Drive NE. During the traffic disruption, the vehicle fled and hit the officer. Other officers were nearby and provided assistance as soon as possible while EMS rushed to their side. Paramedics and colleagues fought for his life, but he was pronounced dead in the hospital around midnight.

The search for the driver continues. Road closures are expected in the area for some time. No further details are currently being released to ensure that the officer’s entire family has been properly notified and cared for.

The deep sadness this has brought to all members of the Calgary Police Service and their families cannot be measured. Please contact us as we work through this difficult period.

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