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WARMINGTON: Chinese communist forces observed military exercises on Canadian soil

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The Ministry of Defense has confirmed that China’s People’s Liberation Army was actually on Canadian soil in February 2018 to attend the Canadian armed forces’ winter training exercises.

But DND insists that they were only there as observers.

“We don’t train with the PLA,” a DND spokesman told the Toronto Sun. “However, on the basis of an agreement signed in 2013, mutual observer status was occasionally granted to one another for non-sensitive activities, including winter survival exercises.”

The Canada-China Investment Promotion and Mutual Protection Agreement was put into practice in 2014 when Stephen Harper was Prime Minister.

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In documents received from Rebel News and reported by Globe and Mail Thursday, there appears to be no reference to this military agreement.

However, these documents revealed that Canada’s Global Affairs had concerns about diplomatic eggshells in connection with the cancellation of Communist China’s 2019 winter exercises, as Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, who have now been incarcerated in China for two years, are incarcerated.

A number of reports and emails suggest that the Chief of Staff of Defense, Jonathan Vance, and Maj. Gen. of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Derek Joyce, are unwilling to advance this joint effort.

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Ahead of Canada’s arrest of the Two Michaels and the arrest of Huawei CEO Meng Wanzhou on US charges, DND now admits that the 2018 version of the 2018 winter exercises under an agreement between Canada and China had PLA uniform soldiers here .

“For example, a Canadian army delegation visited China in January 2018, while a PLA delegation visited Canada in February of that year,” the spokesman said.

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The records indicate that the winter training took place at CFB Petawawa.

“Yes to Petawawa,” said DND.

However, DND explains: “In 2019 and 2020 there were no activities for mutual observer status.”

Although contacted, President Donald Trump’s White House said it had made no comment as of Thursday. The NATO alliance, of which Canada is a member and China is not, has not commented either.

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In the meantime, it is still unclear whether observer status includes senior officers at the Colonel level or general level attending military education programs to Canada, according to the records.

“We’ll review, but the digging required may take some time,” DND said.

Documents that were not effectively edited to cover up classified material indicate that the Canadian armed forces with the “Chinese People’s Liberation Army” in Canada should involve PLA members participating in the Canadian securities program of the CFC (Canadian Forces College) in Toronto .

Canadian Forces College, 215 Yonge Blvd., Toronto, Ont. Photo by Joe Warmington /.Toronto Sun / Postmedia Network

The document states that “2 PLA members, usually at the level of Sr. Col, Col, or LCol” must be approved.

There are other similar courses in Kingston too, but one at this historic Toronto college stood out as it was a breeding ground for so many generals on their way down the ranks.

Another document concerns a “Dialogue of Commanders of Military Education”, in which a “1-Star or 2-Star Delegation” is involved, and another “CAF-PLA Defense Coordination Dialogue”, in which a ” 2-star delegation “is involved.

DND has stated that guests who have attended this program will be staying at the Holiday Inn Yorkdale 3450 Dufferin Street.

It is unclear whether guests from China checked in. But it is now clear and demonstrable that Chinese PLA troops were in CFB Petawawa.


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