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Winter returns to Calgary this week with snow and negative temperatures

For the second time in less than a week, Calgary will experience weather whiplash. A high of close to 20 ° C is expected on Wednesday, with snow and negative temperatures in the forecast for Thursday.

This forecast is eerily similar to what the city experienced over the weekend when it saw sunshine and a high of 20 ° C on Saturday before waking up to snow and freezing temperatures on Sunday.

The city is currently 13 ° C and sunny, according to The Weather Network, and Calgary could see a high of 18 ° C this afternoon.

By Wednesday evening, things are expected to cool down to 12 ° C with the possibility of rain showers. Nighttime temperatures drop dramatically, and a high of 0 ° C and mixed rainfall are forecast.

On Thursday mornings, Calgarians can expect a high of -1 ° C, a feeling of -7 ° C, and light snow that brings about an inch of the white, fluffy material into town.

The isolated thunderstorms until Thursday afternoon subsided until evening, and in Calgary we see a mixture of sun and clouds. The temperatures at -3 ° C feel like -7 ° C.

The weather network

Friday will bring us back on the positive with a high of 6 ° C and a forecast mix of sun and clouds, but don’t expect the weather to get much better after that.

For the weekend there is light snow on the program, which on Saturday brings about five centimeters with a temperature of -3 ° C. Another centimeter of snow and a high of 1 ° C are planned for Sunday.

I hope you haven’t put down your winter coats yet, Calgary.

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